36 Weeks Pregnant Cramps, Back Pain and Symptoms

When a woman is 36 weeks pregnant, a lot is going certainly going on in her mind. At this point the baby is almost full term and you should definitely start preparing for labor. There are certainly a number of changes that goes on inside your body at this period as the baby gets ready for delivery.

In most cases, the baby usually weighs about 2.7 kg and measures about 47cm long. You may therefore feel increased pressure especially when the baby starts gradually dropping, a process commonly referred to as engagement or lightening. On the brighter side, as the baby drops, your lungs gain more space and you can finally breathe and eat more comfortably.

Though breathing becomes easier, the same cannot be said about walking. You may find it much more difficult to walk when you are 36 weeks pregnant and sometimes you may even feel as if the baby is actually going to fall out. This is a highly unlikely event but it is really uncomfortable and most women prefer not to walk so much during this period.

Another thing that you will experience during this week is the urge to visit the bathroom more often. This is because the baby’s full weight is literally resting on your bladder. There is less room for the baby to waggle though and therefore you will realize that the baby movement will become less frequent at this time. The baby is however expected to be as active as before and therefore if you notice a significant decrease in the movement of the baby, you should certainly let your caregiver know about it.

Braxton hick’s contractions which feel more like period cramps are also common when a woman is 36 weeks pregnant. This shows that your body is preparing for labor and it is a good time to get your maternity leave. You may also notice that your virginal discharge increases. Your discharge may have mucus and a little blood in it but this should not worry you. It is simply a sign that labor is just around the corner. Breast leaking is also very common at this stage as your breast starts to produce colostrums.

These are the most common changes that occur when you are 36 weeks pregnant and as uncomfortable as they may be, you should take heart since at the end of it all your baby will be full term and you can expect to give birth anytime after this week. Just ensure that you visit your midwife frequently so that he/she can check your cervix and the position of the baby and advise you accordingly.

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